Michelle’s Homeschool Day in the Life (with a 2, 5, & 7-year old)

I’m linking up with Simple Homeschool today to show a day in the life of a homeschooler! Enjoy!


The day starts like usual: 5 am and the alarm starts buzzing. I hit snooze, knowing a second alarm will go off in 5 minutes. When it goes off, I turn it off, knowing that I have 5 more minutes until the first alarm goes off again. And of course, it does. I turn it off, turn on the lamp on my bedside table and sit up. I am not a morning person and the alarm is not welcome. I got a full night’s sleep, though, so I can hardly complain.

Hubby gets up and goes to start the coffee and I pull my laptop into the bed and start it up. I spend the next hour slowly waking up while browsing through Facebook, various blogs, checking Instagram, and so on. In the meantime hubby brings me a couple of cups of coffee and I get up to grab some pumpkin bread. Around 6:20 I’m finally feeling awake so I pull out my Bible and prayer journal and spend a few minutes reading and praying. I also finish listening to a podcast that’s been sitting there with 9 minutes to go for a couple of weeks, but it’s one I’ve been wanting to take notes on so I’ve had a hard time fitting it in.

Also around 6:30 our oldest comes out to go to the bathroom. The youngest shortly follows but is ushered back into the bedroom by Lane where they proceed to wake up the middle kid. I hear them in their room giggling and such until it’s 7:00 when they’re allowed to come out.

Today is one of the days that our bigger two stay home all day. Most days they go to Russian kindergarten for the morning in order to help improve their Russian. We’ve decided to keep them home next year, though, and just let them do an art class or gymnastics or something, so we are going to only send them 3 days a week for the remainder of this school year. As a result this morning is less rushed than usual.

I wish I had a dishwasher.

From 7-8 the girls get breakfast (leftover pancakes with peanut butter and syrup today), get their clothes on, get hair brushed and put into ponytails (before breakfast today so we don’t end up with syrupy hair), make their beds, and so on and so forth. “Morning stuff,” as we call it around here. While they’re doing their morning stuff, so am I. I start a load of laundry, make our bed, wash the breakfast dishes, and throw the chicken bones from last night’s roast chicken into a pot with some water to start making broth for soup tonight. While daddy reads them a chapter out of the Bible I get myself ready for the day. Throw on some clothes, brush my teeth, brush my hair. He finishes up and tells them they have 7 minutes until they need to leave so they need to get ready to go. He’s forgotten that they stay home today.


Hubby retreats to our room where he starts plugging away at computer work. He works from home about half the time, so while he’s already put in some time while I was getting the kids ready for the day, he goes back to keep working until he leaves mid-morning. I take a few minutes (or 10, let’s be real) to clip 30 toenails and 30 fingernails. While clipping our oldest grabs an Arthur book off the couch and starts reading so when I finish with her (she was last) I decide to leave her reading and go vacuum since the other girls are playing nicely together. Lane rarely “wants” to read, so if she’s engrossed I’m going to leave her be!

Homemade chicken stock and accompanying chicken for soup tonight.

I do a quick vacuum of our whole apartment in about 20 minutes. The second the vacuum is off I’m being asked for a snack. Yes, already. It’s like 8:45 and they’re already hungry again. Daddy comes out and has an impromptu “coloring party” with them for 20 minutes so I get them a snack (pumpkin bread and fruit today) and they munch on it while coloring. I grab my Kindle and a mandarin, pretzels, and hummus and sit down at the table to read a chapter of On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness while eating my second breakfast. I am a hobbit, after all.


Hubby goes back to work and I take over the kitchen table, reading Kildee House while the girls continue coloring. It is, of course, punctuated by many trips to the kitchen for a drink for someone, another snack for Raye, who missed out on the pumpkin bread the first time around because she was playing with her “tool box” back in the playroom, trips to the potty, hugs for daddy when he leaves at 9:30ish, and so on. We manage to read 2 chapters and get Lane’s spelling done for the day. Noel, the 5-year old, reads Go, Dog, Go! to herself while I’m doing spelling with Lane, and Raye, the 2-year old, glues bits of colored paper to white paper.

We don’t have a clothes dryer, so I do laundry every day so it has time to dry.

At 10:30ish I announce that I’m going to hang the laundry and then we’ll go outside. They all go to the bathroom, change their clothes (Lane has been dressed as a princess since she got up), and so on. I hang the laundry and we head outside for the rest of the morning. The weather here has finally warmed up and spring seems to have come. After months of highs in the 20’s we have had a few days in the upper 40’s with more in the forecast. The girls spend an hour climbing a tree and searching for snail shells. This is especially good for Noel, who is not as physically inclined as her older sister and struggles with balance and strength more. She’s managed to climb a few branches of the tree by herself and is getting a bit bolder and braver. I sneak in listening to a short podcast while pointing out snails for Raye to collect.


Proof that not all is calm around here. She was mad I wouldn’t let her walk down the stairs from our 6th floor apartment by herself. I’m such a mean mama.

We come in around noon and after hand washing I warm up lunch, leftovers from last night. Everyone eats and while waiting on plates to warm I wash a few dishes, chop the chicken for our soup tonight, and just piddle in the kitchen. We all sit at the table to eat and when everyone is finished we play a game of Hiss for Raye before her nap time. She’s in bed by 1:15 and I start on “real” school with Lane and Noel (if she wants).


We tackle a couple of math worksheets. We’re working through Math-U-See Alpha and this week’s lesson is not difficult for her. Subtracting 9. She does a worksheet and then takes a break to color. She tackles the second worksheet while Noel works on a Hidden Pictures book. Noel helps me mix up brownies  (something about listening to Julie Bogart makes you want to make brownies!) and get them in the oven while Lane continues drawing and coloring. The girls get Sleeping Queens set up while I wash the brownie dishes and we play a game before moving on to phonics. Lane is learning the many digraphs that say “ur” and she has two worksheets to do and then we’re done with “school” for the day. But by now it’s a battle. She’s tired and tired of “doing” school. I promise brownies when she’s done. While she works, I help Noel make a dinosaur craft. This girl loves dinosaurs.


It’s now 3:00 and I leave the girls to color and craft while I retreat for an hour. I take my brownie and water bottle and head to our room where I relax, read, and blog for a bit.


From 4-5:30 we have pure craziness. Raye gets up from her nap but is a complete grump, even with the promise of a brownie. Hubby calls and says that he won’t be home in time to bring me the celery that I need for our soup. (I’d forgotten that I didn’t buy any on Saturday when I did my weekly shopping since the store didn’t have any. Stuff like this happens regularly here, stores being out of completely normal things like milk or potatoes.) So I make a last-minute decision to make Veggie Lo Mein instead. Lane needs to take a shower but our shower head is broken so I help her wash her hair under the faucet, all while running back and forth to the kitchen to saute the veggies for our dinner. Raye also wants a dinosaur craft so I help Noel construct her one while running back and forth from the kitchen to the bathroom. And so on.

Post-nap crafting, coloring, and snack.

Miraculously nothing burns, hair gets clean, and we even get most of the craft mess cleaned up before Lane has a complete meltdown right at 5 as Shannon is walking in the door. After some cool-down time and a chat about attitudes and dilly-dallying, I quickly brief Shannon on the day and run out the door to my Bible study, not to arrive home until 8:30 when the kids are already in bed. I grab a quick bite to eat, check my email, and do some planning for tomorrow before laying down around 9:30 to read until sleep overcomes me (it doesn’t usually take too long).

General notes about our days. 1) I do usually take a shower, ha. 2) My kids do help with a few chores around the house, but honestly they are still young and most of the chores they just can’t do yet (hanging laundry is a whole lot harder than transferring it from washer to dryer, no dishwasher to unload, etc.). So I’m still stuck doing most of the housework!


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  1. Juls says:

    My 6 year old goes to a Russian kindergarten 3 days a week as well. We tend to do the bulk of our schooling on the other two days. Thank you for sharing your day… I think we have a lot in common. 😉


    1. Michelle says:

      I bet you’re right! Ahh, Russian kindergarten… =)


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